Greyhound Station Classroom Visit

Date: 1/28/2019

By fluffytree

I recall finding myself at a Greyhound bus station to buy a ticket to travel to meet my ex but feel undecided due to the fact that things were so toxic with her and I know it'd be a bad idea. So in the meantime I end up getting distracted and walking around noticing that there are plenty of boxed anime blu-ray and DVD sets sitting on top of tables scattered about. I. I'm confused as to whey they're there. I mean is there some kind of convention going on? I only saw maybe one series I'd wanna buy, specifically the Inuyasha box set, but everything else was unfamiliar or genres I'm just not into. I end up randomly walking into a room that I think is still within the station that turns out to be a classroom full of students taking some big exam. My sister is among them taking it and ends up getting an instant grade of an "i" which is a failing grade. It's so strange because I notice that the grading system goes from A all the way to M I believe. Apparently getting an F isn't failing like it usually is but anything i and beyond is. We end up going to an apartment where my mom lives to tell her the news and naturally she's not happy about my sister's outcome. I wake up shortly after this.