Online & restaurant

Date: 4/5/2019

By Kantz_Dreams

I am playing online on an Xbox. Someone anonymous invites me to a party. I join it. They asked me if I wanted to play this game. I said yes (there were about 5 people in the party). One of the users, named Gogogo, reminded me of Gianna. After asking, it appeared that it really was her. However, I did not see her real face (I have all these dreams where I can’t see her face. I think that it because I don’t see her that often in reality.). Anyway, we fight in the game, having a good time. The scene fades (or I just forgot the rest), and I am in a restaurant with my sister. We are required to bring 50 dollars with us, all in one dollar bills. We give it to the waiter, and he accepts it. Then, we notice that we have no more money to pay for the meal! Then, we see our mom outside, trying to catch a plane. We run outside and ask her for money, which she gave us. We switch spots, going to a booth with someone sitting across from us. The dream ends there as my alarm rings.