archie comic

Date: 7/16/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So I was basically living out the plot of an Archie comic and I was Veronica but I was watching myself be Veronica? Also I had chunky 90s highlights. Anyway. The plot was that mr and Mrs cooper invited the lodges to come on vacation a couple hours away on a lake or something and were proving a point. They were purposely doing wild stuff or letting it happen because they are "poor" to teach the lodges that poor people aren't crazy. By being crazy? So we're driving down and I'm in a car with a driver and the lodges behind the coopers, oh and I knew about the plan, and we finally get to this lodge place that's obviously still in construction. So we pull up and mr cooper asks mr lodge where the car is going because it drives away. And mr lodge says "oh I had a new CV already meet us here." And it was like A fancy old bug and I noticed the names didn't match a car brand but I didn't realize it was a dream still. So then we all walk to the house the coopers rented with mr cooper saying "I spent only five rent bucks on this!" and only the front half is built like there literally isn't walls or a roof and the lodges are like omg what and the coopers act like this is a normal thing and have us girls stand on one section of the floor and count to three and jump to see how the basement was and there were men working on it. And the lodges started to be all "this is unacceptable" and then I woke up