lion tiger kidnap dream

Date: 5/3/2017

By Cristi

i swear idk wtf i was thinking but honestly all I remember is being kidnapped by this lady and when i finally got found she gave me a mouse and later on the mouse changed into a lion a HUGE lion who he could change i to any animal and it loved me so so so much and then "my parents" somehow got me a tiger let on i found out the tiger also came from the lady you kidnapped me earlier the lady disappeared from prison and was off grid but somehow i felt like my "pets" knew she died they adored me and i adored them but something made all of this feel like daza vu and now i'm kinda creeped and i woke up missing me lion and my beautiful white tiger and sun kissed lion i remember them in so much detail but i don't know exactly how to explain how they look i have clear pictures in my mind but nothing can explain how beautiful they are or were