Ankle, beach, school

Date: 7/4/2017

By ace200

It was the day of the Ed Sheeran concert. I lived in this white mansion and was with this girl and we were climbing a ladder to get to a small door in the wall. I twisted my ankle and called Ashlee to say I couldn't go to the concert. I was sad. I was then at the beach with Taydem and our high school was asking why we weren't showing up. We played sick. One night I woke up and there was a HUGE moon in the sky turning bright red and sparkling the sky. My phone took bad pics. I went to get my binoculars, but when I came back the moon was gone. It was the last day of school. I found something out about a textbook and this teacher feel in love with me and said she would miss me. I then went to the pool area and we had to give our teachers dares to do like jumping into the pool with clothes on. I ended up in a basketball game with Mr H and F and did really good. Kaitlyn Taydem and I were then on a bus and it was going really slow. The bus driver was in the back as the bus was going to a painfully slow stop. Kaitlyn decided we should sneak off. I was using a Digital drawing pad and talking to Justin, I told him I hoped to see him over the summer when I dyed my hair red. I left the bus and we jumped off. We hid behind a tree as the bus Past then took off running. I found it easier to run with my shoes off. We found another kid who also fled the bus and teamed up and the bus driver looked for us.