Chain-smoking imaginary cigs

Date: 7/19/2017

By gwomack101

My older sister was driving us in town and smoking cigarettes(which is already out of character for her because she doesn't smoke).Not only was she chain-smoking but was smoking two cigs at-a-time. I remember smoking two imaginary(invisible) cigs. I felt and smelt the smoke as I inhaled and exhaled. The butts of the cigs shown physically when I smoked them to the end. A separate dream I had is actually reoccurring. I dreamt of this house one other time, but it's confusing because I've never been or seen this house before. It started out by me jumping some fence around their house which led me on a hill that gets steeper the more you go around the house. Anyway, I always get caught jumping their fence and walking on their property. They don't get mad though, just startled. I got to their front lawn and asked a question after they caught and were watching me. I don't remember the question. I jumped their front lawn's fence, pet their dog, and left.