Self-Made Vampire [Trippy]

Date: 6/17/2017

By incurableflame

I remember a particularly cool & vivid part of a dream where I was looking out through the window into another house, at night. The other house was older. I looked from my window in through the other house window and there was a mirror facing that window, through which I saw my reflection. Except I was different, and wore fancy Georgian clothing complete with a tall wig. In that reflection, I saw a second me coming in. She bore a dagger with which she wanted to kill me, but instead decided to bite my neck and turn me into a vampire. I remember my teeth changing into fangs. So: there are THREE me's. One is looking through the window and seeing into a window of another house on the other side, which held a reflective mirror. The second me is the reflection in that mirror, but looking different and from another time. The third me is also in the mirror, but is not a reflection, and more like an evil twin. But turning into a vampire was much better than being stabbed so.