Villager minecraft hide and seek

Date: 6/8/2017

By Gracey

I was playing minecraft with caleigh cadence and London when we found a village and we started to run from these zombies who where actually cadence and London so I ran into a house but caleigh ran into a different one so then the zombie London kept following me so I ran back outside to find a better house and found one with an iron door so I ran in their and went into one of the rooms but London zombie followed me in their and i was trapped and screamed so caleigh came in and threw a potion of calmness on him but it was only for one second so I bolt out of the room and ran into the next door hallway all the while Cadence zombie started to chase me so I run into a couple of different rooms then i run into the kitchen and run though a door into a living room area so I start to run over to another door in their but slip and land on my butt and just then I see Caleigh the seeker run right past the door that was open in front of me she's still running but then turns her head and see's me so I scramble up from the floor and hide behind a couch that had a crack behind it so I could hide then I hear Abby and someone else come in and sit down then Caleigh comes through the door and doesn't find me at first but then finds me so I jump out and Abby starts talking to her and saying u ran right past me like right past me a bunch I say the same and we chit chat then I wake up