Black Magic Rituals

Date: 7/15/2017

By friday_graveyard

With friends and boyfriend at a big place with many rooms where there was a festival. I find my boyfriend and a friend at the strangest of rooms: a man with a yellow cape and hood as a priest, some naked people and small golden statues in each corner. They were performing magic rituals. There was also a man in trance levitating every time the priest said something. I got very bad vibes from everything to the point that I started to feel physically ill. I told my boyfriend to please leave, that I didn't like this. The priest then hated me because he knew I was "aware" and "woke" enough to see through his black magic. As we wanted to leave the festival, we realised everything was controlled by them. It was a sect. Somehow we couldn't leave. They put a spy software in my phone.