The Random chic

Date: 3/24/2017

By DreamQueen3

so the first part of my dream was, I was standing in front of two executors one was made of flesh and he was holding a big heavy axe like sword and he had cuts and blood all over him and he was wearing a potato sack to cover his face but the eyes were cut out but his eyes were all bloody n cut out. the second one was a shadow. then the dream switched to me being in a clothing shop and this woman who looked like a model. she had short bright red hair and was very tall and she was trying on clothing and there was clothing all over on the ground because she was trying on so many but she tried on this skirt and her ass was hanging out because she couldn't do up the zipper . there was also a lot of mirrors and bright lights the floor was also a mirror but I didn't remember seeing myself. so yeah that's about it lol