crystal bunny species, demonic change in sister, shes food now?

Date: 4/27/2017

By headFeed

(slept with no pillow) I have a gifted rare sister who like my parents species are one of a kind. theyre crystalline like white bunnies with red and blue glistening ears. my parents have blueish hair with white strands going down their bob and red and blue changing swirl pqttern on their shoulders and chest. my sister was very different her arms were different colors one red one blue and her head would always change colors and the rest was white. we went into a secret room in our mansion and some terrible things happened as the place was possessed by demons that transmuted her. she was possessed and there was blood everywhere. shes not a rabbit creature anymore but a albino human. i see her body laying over a railing in the hallway as if i was floating in the sky. shes bleeding from her face and chest. the transmutation is still happening but were all humans now. theres just something wrong with her forehead that had a nasty scar on it that i cant see but know is there. we go to the kitchen because shes hungry but as we go our dads work is having a meeting there all standing in the hall to the kitchen. they see her and im asked by the boss "you didnt do that did you?" and i said of course not i would never do this kind of thing to my sister. she just blindly walks into the kitchen. she wants butter. i open a sliding cabinet near the ground and reach into a very warm area and grab the butter? i put it on the counter but shes gone and im very short. theres pancakes on the table thats moving weirdly and i see it kind of moving up and down like a mouth. it stops and i pick the plate its on up and put it up to my ear. it whispers to me to put butter on it and heat it up. its my sister. wverything she eats she becomes. so i put butter on her but dont heat her up because i think that that will kill her. she asks me to put on her favorite show and put her infront of the tv. the tv is in the dining room for some reason. my real mom is there eating and i put my sister on the table near the tv. i put it on and try to find this weird combination of ben 10 and power rangers on but i cant find it through all the different power rangers. shes cereal now. she cant talk because of all the little pieces of cereal and milk she might be drowning in? i continue changing the channels cause i cant really ask her. theres one show with these guys dressed as power rangers in some weird part of japan that are at a illegal racing area. theyre trying to get into the participating cars racing. some of actually hijacking the cars while others are riding with them. theres one car filled with yakuza that teo guys sneak into and now im there. i see one large car with hundreds of seats coming and it crashes into a house. its filled with mostly middleschoolers but theyre fine. one ranger runs over and buckles up in the crashed car thing and starts waving his hand in the air like its a roller coaster. a huge truck with other trucks on it steam by and were all wondering where its going. i walk away from everything to see what part of japan were even in. it seems more tropical than anything so i guess okinawa or somewhere south maybe. but its weird. i dont see an ocean anywhere but strange palm tree looking things on a hill. i walk up the hill but see these weird shack houses that all mostly look abandoned. my mom is with me and she keeps saying how nice the houses look. theyre all damaged horribly. on the road a huge house moves past us, some rooms completely being destroyed in the process and my mom says how covenient that is. we walk further up the hill and theres a house that kinda looks intact but its still made of poor materials. my mom runs up to it and its completely empty. im terrified to look into the window and im reminded of my sister and ehat happened to her. theres a dog house with a dogs body sitting up properly but we dont see its head. i see small bones in the house and im terrified that this is the house of the transmutator who did those horrible things to my sister. thats all i remember (i dont have a younger sister, i have a younger brother tho?)