Driving Test

Date: 2/19/2017

By chloe-d

my mom tells me i'm taking my driving test i'm upset about it but i go. the test is to drive a bus, so we go to the bus place. one bus is in middle of street, turning but not moving. my bus is in front of that bus. the guy who's going to observe me looks friendly, but gives me bad vibes. he starts to drive really slowly in a busy, fast-moving street and it's scaring me. he brings me to my school's parking lot, and it's full because there's parent teacher conferences that night. he stops in the middle of the lot so no one can get in/out and he turns around and tells me he's going to go to conferences and get me to have bad grades and get expelled he's abouut to lock me in, but i see my mom walk by so i roll down the window as fast as i can she comes to me and sees him scolding me for not reason, gets angry at him, and helps me out. the guy is missing now, and i wake up.