Not a 50 shades of Gray love story

Date: 3/17/2017

By popcorngoo

this dream fucked me up. I don't remember how this dream started really. I was living my life as a girl somewhere. I wasn't me. I was just some girl with friends and a normal life. and then I think I meet this guy. idk how. idk what happened. just all of a sudden I think he's in my life as the mysterious cool guy. he's like immediately intensely interested in me. And I found out that the reason why is because he had seen me at a fancy dinner party that was for my mom. everybody else was really fake and putting on a show. but I was real. I really didn't want to be there and I made it obvious. all my emotions displayed on my face for everyone to see. he said he had never seen such displeasure in a girl before. oh. And he wanted to cut me up into pieces and break my body and soul. yeah. really. he was a psychopath. so naturally I run screaming from him, and it becomes one of those horror movie cat and mouse scenes where he's like super turned on by the hunt of his prey. and I am freaking out. I throw stuff at him. Anything I can find like coffee, knives, vases, etc. he is still coming at me, slow and steady, with all the confidence of someone who has done this before. So after a while of struggling I finally make it outside and start screaming for help. he is behind me still walking towards me. He is grinning ear to ear. I frantically try to go up to my neighbors windows and doors screaming and beating on them. but inside I see forms slumped over and I see that he drugged them somehow and they are all sleeping. that's why he let me run around so much. because he knew no one would be able to help me. I discovered quickly that he liked to inflict pain, and became aroused by it. and not the 50 shades of Gray pain, but the let's poke your internal organs kind of pain. but he liked the mental aspect of it as well. he liked seeing the full spectrum of emotions as I realized there was no hope of help. Until a car with a bunch of teenagers pulled into a driveway and I run up to them screaming for help. the crazy killer guy tried to stop me. and this part is fuzzy. I don't remember exactly what happened but somehow we all were able to stab him and I eventually chopped off his head. I had a really shitty knife so I had to cut and cut and cut and cut into him to sever the bone. but then my dream like had me feeling safe and secure for a while. telling my friends what happened, that kind of thing when all of a sudden he's back. I see him back again just waving at me somewhere with a smile. and I freak out obviously. and he comes after me, but this time he's more conversational and explains that he likes me. and he goes into detail about how I am good for him and he thinks he could be good for me too. and the weirdest thing happens. I start to want to like him too. I want to turn his crazy behavior into just a weird sex thing like 50 shades of Gray, and not have him kill me, but in a relationship. I knew it was weird. and I knew it was not what he was wanting. he blatantly told me that he doesn't like to fuck. he just doesn't get off on it. he gets off on causing me pain. and he said I was sooooo pretty when in pain. so I knew I'd have to essentially change his outlook on this if we were going to be together.....which is fucked up I know. it totally became kind of a Harley Quinn scenario where I started to fall for the villain. my dream ended in a scenario where the creepy killer guy had done some sort of mental torture to me, idk. my friend and I had been running from him for like ever. but I turned back to try and see the crazy killer again and saw him masturbating furiously with his back turned to me. I turned around and felt almost put out that he had to masturbate and didn't want to fuck me........super weird.