A not so awesome foursome and cocaine in the cinema...

Date: 8/12/2017

By kcandthesunshineband86

The dream started with me and my best friend, our best guy friend and a boy I used to work in a hardware shop with called Will. We were all drunk together and in a giant bed and talk turned to sexually exploring together (in real life me and my boyfriend have had a row and he's gone to his mums for a few days) this crept into my dream because I faltered but the other guys said because he had left that meant we were on a break and it was ok. Before I knew it I was being stripped and stroked by my best male friend whom in real life there is no sexual connection, in fact he is more like a brother! My best friend and the other male will were getting jiggy beside us and I allowed my male friend to finger me, he was stroking his cock at the same time which was enormous!I was just about to reach orgasm when I fell asleep within the dream and when I woke up all three of them were red faced and said I'd missed out on a treat. I felt really groggy as if I had been drugged. Next thing I was my best female friend and best male friend and I think we're were at college but for some reason her daughter was there and they were arguing about her real dad. I turned to my Friend and said "your too emotionally involved let me handle it" so me and her daughter and my male friend wandered off and came to a room where we're faced with her daughters father except he wasn't as he looks in real life but a fat balding man with a stained t shirt tucked into his joggers and hideous teeth. I was embarrassed as for some reason I had my comfies on (lounge trousers) and a black t shirt with the words girl power in white emblazoned. I had to fight him in some kind of word battle, I can't remember how it ended. Next scene me and my best female friend Amanda were at a massive mansion at a house party thrown by a boy called Tom who went to school withs parents. It was very decadent and there was alcohol everywhere and we were loving it. But.. there was an imminent sense of danger and people started being murdered one by one. We had our suspicions about these two male twins in white suits and for some reason to escape and hatch a plan we got into a lake with my five year old daughter, her little friend mason and swam across said lake to what I can only describe as an obstacle course meets a rollercoaster that ends in water. My daughter and her friend ran off and were a couple of carriages ahead of us and I was convinced she was going to drown and was really panicking. The ride/obstacle course was over, ending in an almighty drop which made my stomach lurch and in the distant we could see the mansion the party was at and it was crumbling and on fire. We made our way back there only to find a few survivors and a gay man singing a song about words and fruits which either sounded like a vagina or looked like a vagina when opened eg a fig. Next thing me and Amanda were at the cinema and we had watched all of this as if it were a film, like a dream within a dream. Right at end I turned to her and said "fancy come coke" I pulled this bag of cocaine from my handbag and began tipping it into the drinks holder attached to my seat. I had just asked my friend if she had any notes we could use when a lady who was finding her way back to her seat but that I had also seen at the party saw us and said we were disgusting and she was going to go and get the police. Me and Amanda exited our seats pretty sharpish and the cinema via a fire exit, I was wearing a short black dress as I had been at the party and as we were walking across the car park which was swarming with police I pushed the bag of cocaine which had now turned into a carrier bag inside my vagina, it was very uncomfortable but I turned to Amanda and said "I can't lose my job" We got into her car and was just driving down the high path which leads to her road when I woke up.