Flying up the stone tower

Date: 9/14/2019

By MsBananaNanner

So it started out fairly normal, I was able to fly which was automatically dope, and I had this guy friend who might have been my boyfriend I'm not sure, but anyway he was very nice. But word spread quickly that I could fly so he advised me to run away somewhere that I would be safe because I guess the government didn't like that people had powers..? I go on trips of varying lengths, kind of exploring places and to throw off the people they have following me. But eventually it gets to the point where nice homeboy is like "no you HAVE to leave, for good, it's just not safe anymore." And neither of us wanted me to leave but we knew it was necessary The dude assigned to me was this tall dude in a suit with a sharp jaw and dark hair always perfectly slicked back and all. (He reminded me of hawkmoth at times lol) So I take off, with like zero possessions or anything, because that would weigh me down as I fly - and agent follower dude could fly too so obviously I need all the help I can get I fly forever and ever but I can never quite seem to lose this dude. I'll think he's gone for a day or two and then suddenly I see him again not far behind. I eventually end up out in the middle of like nowhere, there's just cabins every now and again but rarely anyone lives in them. There was a standoff at one of them where the dude almost caught me but I managed to wriggle away A while later I approach this cabin/farmhouse thing that I can tell someone lives in, but that's all. I don't want to go near it because people are never friendly when I FLY AT THEIR HOUSE but this dude is cornering me and I have no choice. This older man, who has a huge belly and doesn't really look like he showers much comes storming out of this house with a shotgun and starts shooting at me, yelling at me to get away from his property It at least makes the agent dude back off and leave, but now I'm dodging bullets so all in all not much better. I try to dodge for awhile but I couldn't really leave the area of this guy's farm because then the flying guy would just corner me again. I was so exhausted and tired of flying that at one point I just sort of drifted to the ground and hoped the guy would let me live He storms over to me and I beg him not to shoot me. He's livid, but then when he gets a look at me (I was like 14 at this point in the dream) he sees in this cute girl and he gets ideas (ew) He tells me he'll take care of me, but I have to agree to live with him. I'm too tired to really comprehend what he's saying I just want to pass out and sleep so I incoherently mumble something in response, then pass out The next morning I woke up in a random bed and slowly pieced together everything that happened and realized he'd slept with me while I was passed out (I mean k thanks brain for editing that out for me, but WHY WOULD YOU DREAM THIS FOR ME WOW THNX) I cried a lot but I figured that this was just my life now so I tried to accept it as best I could (he had a bunch of servant worker people at his farm so I couldn't leave even though he wasn't there) I lived there for like, years, and I was always confined to the house. At one point my parents manage to come visit, because I'd snuck messages to them and they'd somehow convinced him to let them visit. While everyone else is out at town me and my mom sit on the couch and I tell her all the stuff that's happened She tells me they've been planning a way to get me out and that they think they finally have a way. She mentioned something about it working "this time" and had to explain that they'd tried it several times before but it had never worked. I can hazily remember them trying to break me out before but everytime I was left with this big blank spot in my memory and can never remember what happened Anyway, she was going to explain it all to me but the dude started coming back to the house sooner than expected so all she could tell me was to take the opportunity to run when it came and to fly as fast as I could. Then she and the rest of my family left shortly after Later, I had the opportunity she was referring to where he was distracted so I'd have a minute or two to run before he or his servants would notice. I make a break for it, it's now or never I climb high in to the sky as hard as I can, but I haven't flown in years and I'm nowhere near as strong as I used to be. The minute he notices he comes barreling out of the house and starts shooting at me again. I get hit with one bullet but it's not enough to kill me, it's just excruciating to fly now. Still I manage to get away somewhere. I'm not sure exactly where I flew to because then it switched to where I was watching these two girls back at the farm place arguing - two of dudes servants, and he'd left to search for me. The two girls were supposed to be finding me, and the one got a voicemail from my mom. She'd been tasked with killing me through this mind meld machine thing but she didn't want to kill me. The other girl was pressuring her to "do her job" so she said "ok but I want to talk to her first". With the mind meld machine thing, the other girl didn't really have control anyway so she agreed. When the girl started the machine and connected her mind to me, instead of saying anything she played the voicemail from my mom that was taking about a change of plans and where to meet up once I got out. The other girl quickly figured out what was going on and yanked her out of the machine, severing the connection. She calls the other girl a traitor but she just says she's not going to kill an innocent person just because they have abilities. They fight each other for a minute until the "traitor" girl knocks the other unconscious. Not long later, me and some other friends (Caroline and Kyla were definitely there but I can't remember who else) who I'd found because of the voicemail came in to find her finishing tying up the other girl. She was pretty beat up and we handcuffed her to something so we knew she wasn't getting out anytime soon. I made sure to take out her phone and anything else she might use to contact someone. The girl is telling us about what happened and she says that right before she played the voicemail she had this moment where she realized that this was the moment where the plan failed everytime, that she could change the outcome, and that's why she's chosen to join our side. Anyway, they'd kind of patched me up and then they were ushering me out to the car they had waiting that would take us to this fake wedding thing? (It might've been a real wedding I'm not sure). We were supposed to go to the airport and get the next flight out but we apparently weren't going to be able to get on anything for hours, and by that time someone would be able to catch up to us. So we go to this mock wedding, which I discover is for me and the sweet homeboy from years prior. Apparently there was a new rule that basically, if I was married, would make it illegal for creeper farmer dude to touch me again. And I'm like "aight, solid plan, cool" So I'm supposedly the bride and all the friend girls that saved me are the bridesmaids and we all put on this show that we're just getting ready doing our makeup and stuff. I don't know why but our "getting ready area" was just this tent outside the stone church/castle thing right by the road where everyone was walking in for the service. It was in like this old village idk. Anyway, we were all giving ourselves wacky colored hair with paint hairsprays and dyes and whatnot. We pretended it was the wedding theme but we also liked it because it was a good disguise. Mine was purplish pink and blue but with this like super goopy dye that supposedly wasn't meant to be washed out, but it never seemed to dry. I made a joke that it was going to get ALL over my white dress. The friends had given me a new pair of clothes but even they were already speckled with hair dye. Other people were putting colored hairspray in their hair and I was afraid being by it was going to mess up my colors so I ran around dodging the mists and laughing. And then out of the corner of my eye I see the girl we'd tied up back at the farm. She no longer has a bloody broken nose and her outfit and hair are all perfectly styled to be a wedding guest. She's acting calm but I know by the way she's looking around she's trying to find us. I was in the middle of changing so all I had was a T-shirt and underwear (again, why are we at a tent by the road lmbo) so I quickly dash under the table where everyone else is sitting. There's a tablecloth hanging down but I can still see a little bit of what's going on out there. (Oh! Haley was there too, I remember her being there) And of course, the girl decides to come over to the table to "say hi" and she brings her "dad" who seems familiar but I can't quite place why. They come and sit at the table so I shrink back to the other side and like crawl under peoples legs, lol. I can't quite tell if she knows I'm there but she seems to be about to figure it out. Then she says something about "won't I come out from under the table and say hello to your guests" and I'm like crap, she knows. So I dart out from under the table and start sprinting down the road in my T-shirt and underwear I front of all my guests (we'd at least already figured out that the hair dye indeed was meant to be washed out) I figured them seeing me like that was the least of my problems at that point so I didn't care too much. I picked up as much speed as I could then pushed hard off the ground to start flying. It had still been a long time since I'd really flown so I wasn't super strong or fast. I look over my shoulder and see the girls "dad" morph back into the agent dude who used to always follow me. I understand now why he looked so familiar. But then I realize, if she's working with him, but she also works for the farm dude, that's it means agent dude and farm dude have been working together all along and me ending up there had been no accident I'm angry, and scared he might catch me so I fly harder, and climb higher, far above the roads. He flies into the air after me and I know my head start won't last long. I start flying towards the really tall tower-like building in the middle of the city. I fly right up the side of it, each layer a huge slab of bleached stone. Like, utterly massive. I'm so out of breath but I don't want to stop and let him catch up so I only briefly pause as I climb over the ledge of each layer, then push off the roof to gain some speed for the next level. Dude is right behind me, but I see he's getting winded too. Mostly because the air is getting thinner as I realize. I'd just been climbing and climbing, not really thinking of how many levels there were. When I looked now I realized we were way far above the city and couldn't even see people anymore. We were basically in the clouds - and yet this building just kept going and going. No one ever knew it was this tall. Finally, at the very very top, no more levels, I’m exhausted and shaking and feeling like I’m going to pass out. There’s a key or compass or something or other on a dark red ribbon laying in the middle of the stone roof. I barely have time to grab it when he climbs over the ledge. I don’t know how he is so strong, to have climbed all that, but then again I also don’t know how I was strong enough to do it. All I know is I'm REALLY angry that this dude ruined my life He lunges for me and the trinket. Theres not much room to run so I try to fight him hand to hand. I’m super outmatched and he yanks it away from me - though I’m still able to knock him down while he does it. I remember every single horrible thing he’s done to me, what the other gross farm dude did to me, how much of my life has been stolen from me, how much corruption they’ve caused with their power. I channel all that rage into my hands and start burning him into the stone - though it wasn't necessarily fire. At first I wondered if it was going to do anything at all, he seemed impervious to it all. But then I started to see the effects on his clothes and his skin. I screamed with everything I had, willing the heat to grow hotter and burn him up. Channeling every ounce of strength I have I melt all the stone around him and himself and he starts falling through the stone like hot magma. I don't stop screaming and shooting flames or whatever at him until I hear him smack into the ground at the base of the building, having melted him through every floor. I’m sobbing and just want to lay down but I know it’s not over yet. I put hand over the smoking opening and think of the trinket way down there and call it to me. Faintly I hear it jingling and clanking against sides as it rises, and then it smacks into my palm. I stand up shaking and feel it transform in my hands to a crown. I slowly place it on my head, and I can hear all this cheering, like all the people on the streets. I turn around and there's this camera drone thing that the news people had finally gotten up there. It was videoing me but also showing me the feed of the people on the ground. I start questioning if I hadn't heard prophecies like this when I was a kid. I shook the thought away - no way it was. I'm still dazed but they ask me to take the camera around and explain what I'm seeing. The topmost floor has a big observation deck with windows and then a huge cafeteria and some halls and stairs and whatnot. They say there's already a team inside the building working there way up trying to find all these secret floors no one knew existed. This one room is like a bunch of pews, and they're dusty and whatnot but don't seem /that/ old. There's a plaque on the wall indicating notable visitors and I read it to the camera "the last person who visited was Carrie Fisher in 1997" (lol what even) Anyway, some time passes and eventually people start filtering into the top floors all excited to look around like crazed tourists. I still haven’t had a chance to rest or anything but I’ve handed over the crown to some people (I guess I trusted them?) which transformed back to the trinket, and someone gave me new clothes. I see my family and run to hug them crying. I tell my mom I had to kill him even though I didn't want to kill anyone, and she tells me it's fine. They’re talking with a family friend who is apparently the engineer on site - they’re looking at blueprints and stuff but nothing says these floors should exist. They're trying to find a way to get all these people down to the ground/get the elevators working again, because apparently the way up here was not a good way back down and there was no exit really. My dad asks where the “port room” is because he thinks he has to flip some switches or something. Engineer guy directs him somewhere but I’m thinking the plan over in my head and I know it’s not going to work. I yell at everyone to stop, not waiting to explain why. These three dudes have detonation box things - the first two hear me and stop but the third guy is reallly far away - I yell and people pick it up for me, barely get him to stop in time. I tell them this plan isn’t going to work because they’re not taking into account the weakened structure from the hole I melted in the building. (I still don't really know what they were trying to do) I run around moving a few things, find big amp speakers and short circuit a few and place them strategically around the floor. When I flip a certain power switch they'll now be these bomb things I guess. (I'm pretty sure my plan was to somehow cause a chain reaction that would explode the bottom floors and our floor would fall to the ground but wouldn't be crushed because reasons?) Anyway the whole floor has a massive cafeteria place in it and some halls and stairways to get to the top observation deck. People are everywhere site seeing and taking selfies. I try to start herding people out, all to the kitchen - some go some don’t. I get the worker people to help me direct traffic “do not let anyone go back into the stairways by the amps!” I tell everyone as I run through the halls going to the top deck that they need to evacuate or they WILL die. Non English speakers are not understanding so I tell them to follow me - they sort of do but people keep drifting off and doing their own thing. I go round and round frantically, knowing we only have so much time before we need to act but if they don’t move they’ll get blown up. Finally I find a speaker com thing and hook it up to the unused amp. I announce to everyone again that they need to move or they will die - waves of people move, but a handful refuse to leave. I try to explain we only have minutes but I WOKE UP before finding out if we got to the ground safely or not. UGHHHH DID I SAVE THE PEOPLE OR NOT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN UGH