Eddie Van Halen in the Old West

Date: 2/19/2018

By caitlynm14117

I had this dream a week or two ago but I can’t remember what day I had it exactly. So I lived in this old western town and we went to school in a one room school house. We’d just gotten a new English teacher and her daughter was in my grade. The daughter was a total bitch though. All that’ll be relevant later. Anyway I also worked in the nursery at this church, and one day someone hid all the babies around the town and I had to go find them before 6 pm because that’s when everything closed. It was just past 6 and I had only one kid left to find. I thought she might be in the school, so I broke in and scared the crap out of this janitor guy who was working there. He told me the place was closed and my response was “not anymore”. Then the teacher’s daughter and some of her friends along with her boyfriend came into the school. Her boyfriend was Eddie Van Halen. I said “Hi Ed” and he said “Hi”. Then our arms accidentally brushed against each other, and I ran out of there because I was so excited I had just touched Eddie Van Halen’s arm.