Community inside a giant dam along the border between New Zealand and Peru

Date: 4/3/2019

By Sssmorgann

A damn between new zealand and Peru (parks and rec ep) but it was easy to walk across, the water resivoir was filled with holy water, a little girl named Isabella did a little baptism thing for herself, then carried come mud to a hole in the dam, and took it inside. and she had a huge room and the walls were carved into her as a sea witch like Ursula but fewer tentacles, it was a big reveal like hieroglyphics, but surprise cause I was one too and then we were friends. There was a group of peoples (lots of moms with strollers) running on a path through a field that was supposedly the high school cross country path, Natalie was there. We were all running and then there was a boarded path like the pecan park trail by lanana creek. Then the wind started blowing and birds started flying back the other way, like the lion king stampede. I immediately knew it was a huge storm and made everyone turn back. We ran back to the dam and then remembered we had to meet with other groups that lived out in the plain like Indians. There was an air group that lived with hammocks in the trees and a water group that lived by a river, maybe a lava group? It was like avatar and jetts tree house community. We all took shelter inside the dam with the Peru and new Zealand people. They/we did magic spells to ward off the huge malevolent storm. Then we were running an underground garage sale, Mrs Grote was there shopping for a grandchild. Alex alcala was there too, he'd just gotten married to an older woman and she was already pregnant and they were announcing. Anuar was there? But he was Mitchell? During the run across the field some football players were running too and one trampled me and refused to apologize and I confronted him and punched him in the face a lot and his mom got onto him too. Then someone was famous and was offering to take me on a shopping spree and get us super spiffy, it was lit but never happened. I saw Brandon Diaz and Brayan through some. Glass doors and I needed to go talk to Brandon, show him. Out friendship certificate and return his debit card. Also something happened with debit cards so that anyone could put in a certain pin and be allowed to get a maximum amount of cash, maybe 80?