kinda lucid dream

Date: 2/18/2017

By I_Love_Dogs

This dream I realised It was a dream but I didn't do anything that I should of! I was flying because I was a bird. Then out of no where these boys start chasing me they have guns or spears or sticks. Something that they can hurt me with. I kept flying and flying and trying to get away. I then realised it was a dream. I hated it! I wanted to wake up!!!! So I woke myself up. In your lucid dreams sometimes you can wake yourself up! It's really cool. I woke up. What I should have done was. Stayed in the dream but flew up to the clouds where they could not have got me. I new I was dreaming so I could do whatever I wanted. I could of changed the seen. Got a weapon and kill them instead! (That would probably not be a good idea, I know. But it's a just a dream!) I could have had so much fun 😞