illegal underground drug business

Date: 7/27/2019

By ro

so under a school there was an underground illegal drug business place. me and some other kids were forced to work there under an overbearing boss. one day the boss decided he was done with us kids and he needed us dead because we knew what he was up to. so he made a room with giant chopping killing machines for us to go through. when i went through the room, i managed to dodge all the machines and escaped unscathed. i ran away and started living in a cabin away from civilization. then one day, when i was about to go out, there was a huge storm. the cabin was shaking because it wasn’t strong. a bus randomly appeared and said it could take me, so i went into the bus. it turned out to be a tour bus, going on a tour to england. we went to an “island” which was actually a tiny circle as big as a trash can lid. the point of the island was to see if you can balance on it without falling into the water. after the tour, i wanted to stay in the bus because it was safe with other people. the bus started on the tour again, so i went to the island again etc. then when i was walking along the road when i got out of the bus, i saw my dad. he didn’t recognize me but i told him i needed help since someone wanted to kill me. we went back to the school where the drug business was and went into a big sports field right in front of where the business was. then my boss from the drug business came to kill me. to scare him, i said i called the police - even though i didn’t actually call them. the boss said “oh really?”. then right behind him, 3 police cars showed up. it turned out my dad had called the police. i said “yes really”, and told the police the whole story. the boss got arrested. the end!