three dreams

Date: 2/3/2017

By biscuit

Donald Trump Dad misplaced his shirt while at work, and I went to his classroom to get it. After his class, there was a class being taught by Donald Trump, even though he was still the president. I just wanted to get the shirt and get out, but he wanted to talk to me in front of the whole class. He got my name wrong and referred to me as Alex the whole time. I didn't like being around him; he seemed crass and rude rather than presidential. Then I got the shirt and left. fruit fighters -> small war I don't remember much about the first part of this dream, but I was playing a video game that was basically Star Wars Battlefront, but with fruit. Each type of fruit (grape, blueberry, orange, etc.) had their own benefits and special abilities, and it was pretty fun. Then it sort of transitioned to me actually being in a battle, but the gun was a toy. I don't know how it all worked, but you just loaded a small plastic nub in the front, and you could shoot up to 20 shots with just that. All the other soldiers had similar guns, and we were divided into orange vs blue. The guns were toys, but you could still kill people with them. I eventually got holed up in a bathroom with one enemy soldier, (played by Nate) and we became friends while trying to reassemble the small travel toilet that was inside. We decided to wear bandanas so that we knew not to shoot each other on the battlefield. Then, some mercenaries with a "realized phoenix" (a flamethrower that never runs out of ammo) set up shop just outside the door. They were going to roast us unless we acted quickly. I started watching a video about how to best use the guns we were holding, and my dream became focused on that. There were some vaguely Chinese animals trying to attack another animal who was driving her car, and she was getting desperate. Then she spied a passing turtle, and asked him for help. He agreed, and then started putting decals on her windshield, showing that she was part of his club now. But while he was doing that, my dream changed. violence in Flagstaff Now Nate and I were in the car, but in Flagstaff. There were some angry people behind us, who wanted to hurt us for something I don't remember, but just as they were about to get out of their car, a wave of wind came and sent both of our cars spinning across the road. I realized I was in the driver's seat, so I grabbed the wheel and drove off. We managed to find a good hiding spot, and we took Nate's bike with us to some location. As we were walking through the crowd, a small woman tried to steal the bike, which Nathan had entrusted to me, and I wrenched it away from her. She ran off into the crowd. Then we saw two young refugee women being bothered by a hobo. They got him off them, and held up a trinket that identified them as the daughters of the king of some middle East county I don't remember the name of (they told him that, too). He grabbed the trinket, and stuck it in his pocket. I got really angry, and yelled at the man to give it back to them. He didn't move a muscle, so I lifted the bike above my head and brought the rear axle right down on the crown of his head. He flinched and teared up, and handed back the trinket. I felt sort of bad after that, so I handed the bike back to Nate and told the man that I was sorry for overreacting, and that he could do his retribution on me if he wanted. I didn't look at him while I spoke, just stared as a shapeless mass of leaves and gunk in the gutter. He reached into the water after I finished talking, and pulled out the gunk. Then he grabbed my head, and lowered my face into the water. I realized that he was intending on leaving me there until I either panicked and fought my way out, or until I passed out. I decided to stay calm and think of a way out, but I could feel myself running out of air. I thought of the fruit dream I had earlier to distract myself from my dwindling air supply, but before I got to the point where I desperately needed to breathe, I woke up.