I Was a Monkey in Danger

Date: 3/16/2017

By ace200

I was with the theatre company in the school, but a store with a bunch of construction gear was connected. To build sets for the musical, I was going back and forth from there to get stuff. I walked in twice to find two older men there. The third time; they started grabbing me. A women with dark hair, who looked like Emmy's mom, rushed in and told me to run. We both headed for the back and were hiding behind shelves as the two men wandered around. The lady distracted them and let me run back into the school. There, I found my friends in a classroom. The two men were outside so I hid in a cabinet until the coast was clear. I was then a monkey, which is weird, I don't know why. I was at a grocery store with my owner. I kept seeing this doll with long black hair appearing and knew I was in trouble because I had seen it before and knew something bad would happen. I started acting out and then security guards arrested me. At my house, I was locked in the bathroom. My owner felt bad and would talk to me through the door. Eventually, I was let out. I saw the doll following my owner and started acting out because I knew something would happen to him. I was human again and with the theatre company outside at a stadium. We were raising money for helpless monkeys.