OLD but mayb significant

Date: 2/6/2017

By guido38

When I went to sleep after New Years . I dreamed I was in a parking lot surrounded by brush and trees . I saw an explosion in the distance . Then I looked and saw a co workers car with its lights on but no one was in it . So I left and as I was driving I was in a upper middle class neighborhood and literally every house was setting off fire works on their drive ways on my left . I also remember seeing the reflections of the fire works on a body of water couldn't tell if lake or river on my right . And then to end it all off I got the word amnesty tattooed on my hand . Maybe the first parts just because of the occasion but maybe the ending significant because I previously got into some legal trouble and the word amnesty means freedom if I'm not mistaken . Most of my dreams are vivid and detailed . I also sleep through my nightmares .