Date: 9/23/2019

By Machman

There were a few scenes from last nights dreams that I remember. A girl I once knew, Lorraine, I recently found out got married (IRL) I was happy to hear. In the dream she was staying overnight with me. I think the house was my old house in Ministers Park, East Kilbride. We were downstairs talking and I went to kiss her but she froze up and became upset. I tried to apologise but she told me that she wanted to leave. I told her it would look suspicious because it was after 3am and she had been drinking. She did stay but, as was the original intention, she was in one of the spare rooms. In another scene I am working on an old green screen computer. I am looking up games and my old boss from way back when I worked at CTD (a complete tit of a man called John McLaughlin) came up and asked me to show me something on the computer. I didn't want him to see that I was trying to play games so I typed something to get what I had been looking at off the screen. Unfortunately that seemed to have shut down a number of systems that were dependent on the computer I was working with. I then went to get another guy I worked with at CTD called John McKelvie. He was the man who knew the system I was working on. But I did the old switch off and switch on again trick and that got everything up and running again with minimal fuss. The scene immediately changed to me talking to a guy who I haven't seen since my school days called James McGinley. I was talking with him and I believe he was working at the place from the previous scene in my dream. I asked him if he was married and he told me that he recently got married and that's why he was off work recently, to go on honeymoon. He was surprised I didn't know as two other guys I went to school with (Derek Ross and Danny McGuigan) also worked there and they would have told me. I informed him that they hadn't. In a brief scene after the above I am asking Derek if he had seen Danny recently but he had not and I tell him that I will contact him to make sure he is OK.