I sat on a ledge.

Date: 5/9/2017

By angxlinasoleil

L was in this entire dream. We were dropping off science projects to the high school in the neighborhood we lived at. We ran into Ana and Savanah as well. Well, I ran into Ana in the bathroom.. she was mad because she had been forced to set up a model solar system and everyone yelled at her but she couldn't see what she was doing wrong. L and I hid behind the school for a bit and M joined us. We sat on the ledges/walls until she made us return home. L wanted to go back when we saw a group of older kids walking in the direction of the school but M said no, I influenced her to say no as well. L was v mad. At the end there was a cutscene to Savannah's project. It looked like a bunch of generic "fossils" on a table, rocks w a dark green leaf imprint. She was selling her artwork above it.