Growing Church, & Upset Natalie

Date: 9/21/2019

By UniqueStarque

About my family's church,  but it looked like our old church at Blue Ridge Baptist Church. Gilbert was there, someone I've been evangelizing with. We all sit down. There's also a mini Gilbert, like his son, looks just like him but a young man. People begin pushing the seats while people are still in them. It's real elaborate and smooth and a bunch of chairs are pushed around the room, people on them. It ends up spelling a letter. First A, and then S. I realize the youth in the church is doing all of this and I begin to think that the church is growing spiritually stronger and with more involved members. Later, Natalie comes to me upset. My parents invited the entire Pond family over for dinner, except Kendall (Natalie's best friend) so Natalie can't hang out with her.