Our spines and the music link us together

Date: 9/5/2019

By DaydreamRadio

I'm in the curve roofed auditorium by the Sea again. Here, I'm with Lucas and Facu again. In order to connect with people here, I have to press my spine up against theirs and play candombe music. It formed a beautiful and perfect bond. Thankfully, in each situation that I need to do this, I remember that I play candombe and I'm okay. there are a few situations in which I need to bond with someone in this way in order to leave a room or to continue to another part of the building. There are animals here, cats or dogs. I don't think they're my pets, but I want to be around me. They're on one of the higher levels of the auditorium. Every time I'm stressed in this dream, I realize I already have what I need to escape the situation. It comes to me with ease. The dream feels so familiar. When waking up, I almost felt as if I was waking up into a dream and is if that was my real life. When I looked over at Lucas, I almost thought that he'd be able to tell me about the same dream.