Scariest experience of my life

Date: 6/15/2017

By sev

I had woken up earlier this morning, probably around 5, and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I watched YouTube videos. After awhile I was feeling really tired again, but I still couldn't quite get to sleep, so I did what I usually do and put on a long YouTube video that I could fall asleep to off to the side. It was a funhaus video, their weekly podcast, I watch them all the time. At some point I transferred over into the dream state, but I was still conscious of the audio playing on my phone to my side, and I was not aware I had fallen asleep. My friend Olivia comes into my room, and we start watching something on my computer, I press pause on the video on my phone. Except after awhile, I realize the audio is still playing. I remember thinking, huh, that's weird, but I'm used to my phone having the occasional issue and don't think much of it, so I turn the volume on my phone all the way down. I lay back down on the bed, next to Olivia, and again I start to realize that the audio is still playing. Getting annoyed at this point, I double check my phone, nothing is currently playing. Olivia gets up without saying a word, very robotic like. she walks stiffly and quickly out of the room. I ask if everything is ok. no answer. I hear her looking through stacks of paper in a binder, she returns with some paper in her hand, but without looking my way or explaining anything she walks straight into my bathroom in my room, and closes the door. I realize I'm hearing the audio again. I'm getting pissed now, I go to the YouTube app, and swipe away the video, closing it completely. I look up and I see my sisters friend Mackenzie and someone else I don't recognize standing by my bed. She is distinctly older looking than I remember her being, but I still recognize her. I say to her in a surprised voice, hey! long time since I've seen you. Olivia exists the bathroom and walks out of the room. I get up to follow her and tell Mackenzie and the other girl to hang on. As I walk out of my room, I see the rest of the apartment, it's very dimly lit. there are two girls, one laying on the couch, the other sitting by her side. It occurs to me that the sitting girls face is very similar to the girl on tinder I've been talking too. I have no idea why these people are in my apartment. I figure my roommates must have had people over, and refocus my attention on finding Olivia. I scan the room again, I notice clothes strewn about all over the place, and the entire room seems very messy, and there is someone is laying, with a blanket wrapped around them as if they were sleeping there, on our kitchen counter. ok then, but, what happened to olivia? she kind of vanished into thin air. I go back into my room, and close the door. Mackenzie and the friend are still there. I ignore them. I become aware of the audio again, still, playing. Getting very frustrated, I close the YouTube app completely. I am 100% certain there should be no video playing, no sound coming from my phone, nothing but silence. I listen. The sound of laughter from the funhaus crew fills my head. WHATTHEFUCKISGOINGON. I feel the world around me collapsing. I mentally break in that moment. My mind, the world, I can't explain why or what is happening, but something is very wrong. I frantically try again to mute my phone, but nothing is working. Panic. Fear. I throw the phone down, and go into my bathroom. I look into the mirror at my reflection, my face, the person looking back at me, I do not recognize. A sensation of dread fills my body. The face is me, it's my face, but it's disfigured and aweful and terrifying. I run out of the bathroom, but through a different door, and suddenly I'm in an entirely different apartment. I look around, and my mind scrambles for any possible explanation, but there is none. I collapse on the ground. I hear the sound of the video again, still playing. The anger drives me to get back up, I run back to my room, through the bathroom, I find my phone, still I'm thinking, why, why won't this stop FUCKING playing. I hold the power button, and turn off the phone. I wait. For a brief moment there is silence, I did it, I think to myself. But again, I hear it. Rage. Pure hatred and confusion mix into an emotion and metal state I have never experienced before. I'm losing my mind. I walk into the bathroom, and again look into the mirror. Again I see a horrible disfigured face looking back at me. But the eyes, this time, they are different. They are white. Milky, and glossed over, the eyes of a blind person. The same feeling of dread fills my body. But, how am I seeing, myself, those eyes, if I am blind? That. That is the thought that my mind needed to break out of this nightmare. And I wake up. And I realize it was all a dream. And next to me, my phone, still playing the funhaus video, 35 minutes in. I pause the video, and I close the video. It's over, it's done. As this was happening, it was all completely real to me. This is one of, if not the single most terrible and terrifying experiences I have ever gone through. The mind is a very, very, powerful thing.