Thirty foot tall lady

Date: 6/24/2017

By TwentieToo

There was this team of evil people and we were in this giant antique shop. An old couple owned it and showed us around and stuff. The stuff in there was magical and I guess we were looking for something. Then we went into this abandoned school in Guatemala and it was kinda like our layer space ship thingy. We had to complete some kinda mission and there was this like thirty foot tall ice blue lady and she had to sacrifice herself in order for us to complete the mission. I'm pretty sure this dream dream was inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy. And thats all I remember. The next dream I was at this apartment. It was fairly nice and cozy. My sister at one point suffocated in a box. There was a girl with blond hair. I was going to this school, where the teacher payed me to go. Like if I kept my grades up she would pay me a bunch of money. Then I guess these people started looking for us and we had to go into hiding.