GTA/Saints row dream

Date: 5/18/2017

By richilye

I was playing a game that resembles GTA and Saints row, the map was the same as my old dreams about it. Me and somebody else were trying to get a plane, to get to a floating area of the map, we failed and got somewhere else, then a bug happened and I got shot into the air, landing on that floating island. It was a Military island, I got a tank and tried yo get out of there, the tank could ran over any othet vehicle. I opened the map and noticed that the floating island lit up and was showing that it was controlled by the army, and the other areas under my control (probably the third street saints), then cut... We were in our HQ, it was in a room talking to someone, when I heard some people entering the building. There were 4 people, 3 guys and a girl, they went inside the office and killed Carlos (from Saints row 2). Me and my friend from High School (Gabriel) went there, I thought they were from the brotherhood, but their clothes were difderent, white T-shirts and Jeans pants. They told us the boss challenged us, they put a pot with some knifes inside, to accept the challenge we had to use oir blood. Then Gabriel picked a knife and cut his wrist handing them some blood of all the blood coming off, they took the blood and headed back...