Date: 3/31/2017

By sofiasavvv

my dad informs me that I have to get my wisdom teeth out and I don't want to go alone because I'm scared so I have a lennon come with me. we have to meet him at the ER after school we have to walk over there for some reason it's down the street from her school. One of the kids today Logan followed us to help walk us there but he was being really weird and brought his friends. We get there and they keep bothering us as we try to just eat your snacks and wait for my dad so we go inside the building but instead ofbeing in the OR it's actually a high school and it's our high school. And then I for some reason forgot her her softball bag and my bag with my won't use it and these girls bring it to him and bring it to us and for some reason going to wisdom teeth out we're going to high school to addition for something. so we going to the dance room and in their letter I need to go back so I go back outside to go get my stuff and instead of it being the hallways at the high school it's a forest and I'm lost and I can't get to the road and I'm stuck so takes about 20 minutes to figure out my way back to this high school but it's actually a cabin and so I go inside and everyone's going on the bus and I'm trying to run to get on the bus because lemons leaving me in a run but I can't reach it in time the doors close and the bus driver makes eye contact with me and simply drives away instead of stopping for me. suddenly my only choice is to go into this cabinet so I go in the cabin and Leninist in there and everyone's in there but it's weird it's two women are attacking me I think everyone else is fine and they let everyone not be there but they harassed me everyone else disappears and were in the kitchen and the woman is throwing knives and pans and pots at me and I have to dodge them and I try to call my dad for the phone but she does another knife at me. she's torturing me with these knives and stuff for them think I can do is try and make a break for it I try to run out but it feels like I'm running in water. I'm not going fast enough to escape the catch up to me and bring me right back again and this time all the people are back the audition and the women are still there and they're trying to force me to join so I go to play the music but I'm actually just running out and some of my friends follow me screaming that I need to come back in there that need to be back otherwise they're gonna come get me.