High off and xans n a shooting

Date: 6/13/2019

By Purpeldreams

Well...... this dream has a lot of Fuckin interesting shit happening in it very interesting and a lot of shit. So this mostly starts off in what seems to be a house of dreamed of many times but I can’t recall the other dreams it’s a big house with a secret little hang out room where I can chill and watch movies and I bring my friends to the place and their hungry and I find some potatoes 🥔 and i tell them I’m gonna make some fries for them. This dream transcends to school I’m just around ya know doing shit and for some reason I get a bottle of xans from my friend and justify taking them as prescription medication from my anxiety ig. I take one right and then I take another like a dumbass and i end up high af like in my dream I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. I get water from a girl Ik for some reason she holding a emoji cup with a metal straw and I take it and fill it up and drink it but it’s weird cause water fountain is in the middle of hallway of Ovalles class. I drink the whole cup and walk straight like if I was going to rop all of a sudden I have Ernesto to the right of me waking and his friend Erin walk to the left of me and I have headphones in and in high af and I feel my phone slippin and it’s Erin trynna take my phone! I yank it away and just look at him and he’s just looking at me with an expression of smh I almost had it and Ernesto looks at me and grabs me from my arms and starts helping me. Then I ask “what am I walking weird ?” And he’s like “yes... you look high af” and then I push him away nicely and continue walking next to him as we turn the corner to got rop I see fisher and ms brucker talking and I’m thinking fuck I’m high af their gonna see me.And this it where It dosent add up. The parking lot is there as the backgrounds but then disappears and turns into what seems like a really big ass classroom , Jackie shows up and I forget her name real quick cause I’m high af and I just smile and the sequence of events that happens next is what’s weird. Some lady starts telling me their gonna give me an award to named after Jackie and Jackie has asked them to give it to me cause it’s named after her and she thinks I deserve it. This is where I start to feel guilty and I feel like this reflects me not getting into Carlton as a job :(( and yeah I just get sad n guilty cause I’m high af and Jackie thinks I deserve an award. Fisher and the rest of the teachers just seem lowkey proud and Im just here like I’m high afffff. And then alondra and ana show up out of no where and sit near me and then I Don’t know what some adults were saying but it had to do with a stabbing on campus and how a gang of boys was the cause of it and how there might be a shooting later on. Smh then I here someone breathing deeply and I hear a gun getting the chkchk sound like if it was about to be shot and a guy stands up and fires a shot to the roof and says “ALRIGHT WHATS GOING ON” and everyone gets down and I look towards Alondra and her face just reflects her emotions almost like her saying “fuck this is really happy omfg we might die” and I look at ana and look towards the door which isn’t far if I crawled and took a run id make it. So I try to look backwards to see where the shooter is at see he’s kinda in the middle of the room. Bitch I slowly start walking closer and close I FUCKIN DIP IM OUT THAT BITCH . And I start climbing a fence and then the roof is somewhere near that fence and I jump onto the roof and run I start calling 911 and that’s when I wake up.