Busted at Museum

Date: 4/28/2019

By Imetaphor

I'm at an event for a new museum. It looks pretty chill and semi-amateur, and I know the people or have some connection to it. There aren't enough seats in the main room where someone's about to speak, so I help by bringing in two benches from an exhibit area. They might have been part of the exhibit, but I'm sure they'd be fine. An older man who must be the curator is causing a scene because two benches have gone missing. I point to them and tell him what I did so he can stop stressing. "You mean...? You didn't... Oh, no." He seems sorry that I incriminated myself and I have to get in trouble. Apparently the benches were historical. I get taken away, searched, and all the stuff on me confiscated by a black female security guard. It feels unfair.