Nightmare Cocktail ft. sister gropers, child rapists, and suicide

Date: 7/23/2017

By ImprovdHat

It started out ok. I was invited to get over cream by an old friend. Dad was texting me, trying to get me to come home bc I had just gotten my license and it was nearly past state cerfew. However, I was only a few minutes from home and was sure I wouldn't get pulled over. Unfortunately, their chocolate ice cream dispenser was having difficulties so they gave me dilapidated chocolate and a free strawberry. Two shitty cones for the price of one. When I got home, I planned to share my other dessert with one of my siblings. Then it was Channin's birthday. I was sitting at the little crayon table with some Indian guy and another girl. I noticed Channin was acting really weird. When I finally got a moment alone with her, all she would say is that he touched her. For some reason we couldn't tell mom. So she hustled around being a gracious host while I had to sit back and watch a guy who'd violated my sister contaminate her home, where she should be safe. Suddenly I was in space. Maybe it was a spaceship or some facility on another planet. Anyway I was a trouble-making student/cadet. I remember being in a place with trees (it could've been a facilitated forest of some kind of we were on a ship). So I was on a big swing (like the one in Maryland) and a woman was talking to me. She told me it was my final warning and I needed to be on my best behavior. Instead of listening, I was swinging REALLY high. TOO high actually. The steady motion almost helped me gain control over my dream bc I knew I couldn't be hurt no matter how high I went. The scene shifted to me trying to behave my best at my post with my partner (Rae, a good friend of mine). We were working with a table saw when she told me about how the guy she had a crush on had raped her recently. I was torn apart by this info. Again the scene shifted (all the while in space) and I went up to Rae and told her about the dream I had where she told me she'd been assaulted. We both agreed it was a shitty dream. Then I got confined to my room by these people-looking robots in a blue uniform. It didn't take me very long to get out. As soon as I did, I started hanging out with my friend Nikhita. We were talking about how the annual festives at the station were going to begin later today. So as not to get caught out of my quarters, I asked her to scout out the hallway where the bedrooms were to see if anyone war there. She pretended to be chasing after my puppy, and saw the same two robots searching through my room, waiting for me. I hid in the room across the hall while I devised a plan. At first I was going to have Nikhita ask the bots for help to get into a room around the corner. I would sneak bacl into my room like nothing had happened while they were distracted. then I realized they would just create a new key right there for her. At the last minute I changed my mind and told her to ask for a key to the room I was hiding in (119). I figured if I had the key I could make it look like that was my room. Then I realized my mistake, they could just check the ship manifest and they would know where I slept. my last hope was that during the festivities they would be forced to leave and look for me. in that case I could sneak back into the room during the annual puzzle solving game. Nikhita and I got out of the hallway and sat down at a table in the lobby. I left quickly to grab a hoodie that would make me look less suspicious? when I came back I saw her bent over a piece of paper and a clipboard. the lights had went out and someone was talking over the PA. apparently they had changed the rules of the puzzle-solving game so instead of going from room to room contestants with listen to the clues provided by the PA and would try to solve it from there. I felt bad that I would be ruining Nikita's chances to win that year by distracting her with my super secret spy sneaking stuff. While everyone was being checked to be sure they weren't me, Nikhita was crying. At this moment, she was actually Isabella Moner (fun fact, I actually went to school with her) but she still felt like a best friend. When I touched her hand and asked her what was wrong, I saw an image of her staring at herself in a bathroom mirror with a gun to her head. she pulled the trigger. and I saw this over and over again, it made me realize that this is what she was imagining. she couldn't help but think about killing herself right there. some more officials came, many of them looking like characters from The 100, and one who looks like Kane had eyes filled with tears because he was saying the same thing I was