Beach?Witches and games

Date: 6/3/2017

By lmlib

In one dream I just remembered while writing this. It was one I had later in the night. I was on a beach and all I remember was I kept getting hit wave after wave and I was just laying in the sand drowning it was like the waves were targeting me. I was afraid I would get sucked out into the sea and I am definitely afraid of open water so this was a nightmare for me. In my first dream I was a witch along with two other girl (I didn't know them). We were being hunted and the only way they could tell you were a witch was by our bright red lipstick. We had to hide so we went into this house and in someone's closet. In order to keep hidden and to keep them from finding you you had to be in an uncomfortable position. I was probably the best hidden but one of the other witches who was hiding with me was all comfortable laying on the floor so they found us and that was my first dream In my second dream it is a little more fuzzy but I was playing games with these other people my age who were in a tribe or cult. They would throw things at me and I would block them or chop them up with a sword. I was really good and I impressed them who were mostly boys. I went to play another game and it wants this thing where you had a board between you and the other person and each person had whips. You had to either break the other persons whip from behind the board or catch it. I went over to it and the only clear thing I remember was asking if she was a virgin (this had something to do with the tribe but idk). We started playing and she hit me a few times and I hit her back a lot. I also remember grabbing the whip at one point and I won.