Howard Stern

Date: 5/22/2019

By kstring

I was watching some sort of competition in a stadium. Janet was next to me and I felt like she was hitting on me and we were connecting. From behind, Howard stern stands behind me and tells me he wants to spend time with me. I was shocked that he thought I was attractive. I chose Howard instead of Janet and I felt guilty. Lynn was also there because she really liked Howard but was disappointed that I was with him. Howard and I started becoming intimate and I was still feeling guilty but was so excited because he is a celebrity. The first sexual incounter I used my foot to make him ejac. It was a lot on his face and he told me that was normal. Afterward I felt very uncomfortable and rushed to leave to meet up with my friends but he said he paid for me. I felt bad because I thought he actually liked me. I left my friends behind to spend extra time with him. We ended up doing a professional photo shoot together and then we were in a classroom setting. I felt pressured to go down on him and I was pretending to do that. The girl behind us was from Louisville and began lecturing me about doing that.