Date: 5/16/2017

By samtheham

I was at a zoo, kneeling next to the cage of some prairie dogs just watching calmly. suddenly this guy appears next to me, he's not familiar in any way and I don't even look at his face, I just watch his hand as he reaches through the bars of the cage to try and pet the prairie dogs. I know it's a bad idea but I don't say anything, I don't have time considering he is immediately bitten. I flinch away, and look to the other side. when I look back, he is gone and I'm the one with a bleeding wound on my arm. unabashed, I somehow get into the prairie dog enclosure to find something to wash my arm off with. I reach this small pond, more puddle-like. I reach my bloody arm in and start washing. the view changes to deep deep within this puddle. I'm still up above washing my arm, and this thing, this hairless, puffy prairie dog is swimming towards me, and with this deep inhuman voice chanting "blood. blood. blood.". then I woke up.