movies / breakdown

Date: 8/11/2019

By daisylawrie

so the first thing i remember doing was going to these movies with like ‘sexual’ horror movies playing and everyone would get horny and literally just fuck... it was so weird. i went w my bestfriend but we left half way through bc we didn’t realise what the cinema was lmao. the next time we went was w a guy and i was planning on yk doing things w him so i sat on his lap facing him and he kept grinding on me HAHAHA. i look up and i see a couple i know and then i look to the left a little and i see my ex boyfriend and my primary school guy friends. i whisper in the guys ear and i say “that’s my ex boyfriend” he stands up and goes over to him and i’m screaming “babe stop! what’re you doing?” and he takes a pizza and throws it in his face and then punches him, i get a little bit of idk what it was a capsicum maybe and i tried to throw it at my ‘boyfriend’ but it didn’t reach him. everyone got up including us and walked out and then everyone was sayinf “hi bitch” to me and how much they hated me and stuff and then i ran home and started crying. i told mum everything that happened and then for some reason they all walked through my house so my mum could hear and she got mad then after they were like a couple steps out of my door and on my lawn i just screamed “FUCK YOU ALL” and i gave them the finger, their necks cracked as the turned around and they started like chasing us so we closed the door and locked it. it was like a zombie apocalypse. and that’s all i remember :o