Long dirt road

Date: 1/16/2017

By iamMartinez!

In this dream my brother and I are driving in my Hyundai and though I need to go south on state I head north a figure I'll turn left and then head south again. We come up on a narrow road that quickly becomes familiar and I remembered I always get lost when I turn south again. This road is narrow and curvy. It runs along a cliff and way down below you can see the city. When I get to where I'm supposed to make my left turn I say to myself I always get lost making that turn, besides, I wonder where this road leads to. So I kept going and it turned into a mountainous dirt road. On the side of the road I noticed a lot of construction equipment and workers. I said to my brother I was looking for a new running path. That looked perfect. It was hill terrain with plenty of loose dirt. The road was narrow and I had a hard time avoiding on coming traffic. I said to my brother this is a perfect place to bring my In Laws 4x4 when we fix it. I was driving slowly making my way over the hills when finally my truck stopped. It didn't have enough traction and I was a bit embarrassed by it so I backed up a bit and gave it some gas. The engine roared and we shot over the hill. Now I had gone to fast and I could see the trees below. We panicked thinking where were gonna fall. That's when I woke up( I thought I did) and said to myself, funny how I can wake myself at will to avoid danger. Then we continue up the road this time on foot. My brother goes ahead while I'm playing with a small battery powered car trying to get up the dunes. It doesn't so I give up. I tried walking up the dune when I noticed how loose the dirt was. I could walk on it as if on a treadmill without moving forward. Then I tried jumping and still I couldn't make it to the top. Alongside there was two guys looking at me funny so I said to myself screw I'll just walk over the steps. So I did that and just barely with my tired legs and all. By that time frank had disappeared into the distance and from the dream and instead now I was with Meri. She was well ahead of me and once over the mountain we came up on a very nice and tranquil swap meet. There wasn't that many people probably do to its remote location way up on the mountain. But it was nice and clean. We'll paved, it seemed like it lead to a town up ahead perhaps. So I walk into the swap meet and like always there are shops of arts and crafts. Others selling cloths and linens. Some selling jewelry. Soon after the entrance the road divides in two and I wonder which way Meri went but I'm almost sure it was to the right and I follow knowing that she makes frequent stops at all venders shops so I should have no problem catching up to her. The end.