the school in the mountains

Date: 5/7/2017

By Tjika

I was in a snowy landscape somewhere in the mountains. People were skiing everywhere. I had to climb some kind of strange path into the mountains to get to my school. I had to go there, because I was performing in a play. Once there I met my grandparents and parents who had just come there by car, but I didn't think that was strange at all. I went into the school and looked for the stage where the performances were being held, when I discovered on a tv screen that a friend of mine (who is a couple of years younger than me) was doing her performance with her class already. Me, my parents and grandparents all watched it and my uncle joined as well. She was really happy about it, because she hadn't been able to find so done herself. My uncle and dad carried animals which belonged tony uncle back to his car. This included guinea pigs, monkeys and parrots. The monkey kept escaping. I went out for a bit and then had to find my way back to the school. I climbed a snowey path while dodging ice cleaning machine thingies and huge snowballs falling down the road like it was a Mario cart game. I ran into some friends on mg way up a cliff and we ended up together on a path. There was a little sort of portal you had to get through, but we had seen that this place was frequented by drug addicts, we saw a stone with blood on it and I also saw in the top part of the portal a bit if hair and a very clear hand. someone had hidden a dead body in it. I had to crawl through though, there was no way around it and it was the only way to get to the school, so I did it. The problam was that I was too big for it, so someone had to pull me through, while I tried not to think too much of the dead body above me. After I finally hot through, the person after me had somehow broken the portal and the body had come out. Two detectives had magically appeared next to it. They had to find another way. because they didn't want to cross the dead body place. It was hard though, since there was a spiked fence. I woke up before they made it across.