Third Dream | #3 |

Date: 3/24/2017

By idreamadream

I remember having Firestorms power from the CW Flash (I've been obsessed with that show) if you don't know he can fly and shoot fire. I took 20mg of melatonin my accident, I usually take 10 so my dream was weird. It started out with my friends from my middle school in a dining hall like hog warts but it was brighter. I was homeschooled for a couple of years I left in 6th grade. They were surprised to see me. I don't remember much after that. At the end there was this lady in a wheelchair saying she needed me and Joe/ Diggle (from the Flash and Arrow). This is fine but when you walk out the front door there is pool to your left and it is quite big. The wheelchair woman I think was from the Family guy I watched before I went robbed and the Pool from a house I made in my game. Anyways the pool was frozen flat and she was on top of it. Joe/ Diggle threw what looked like a cat onto the pool steps and it slithered in under her. So, joe concluding that we has powers asked her "is that your power" she said no. The dream ended in my house with me standing in the living room and the wheelchair lady walking my with a towel wrapped around her hair and body like she just took a shower. I said "please, use our showerers!" For some reason we all kinda hated her.