Crazy councilor

Date: 5/30/2019

By jennnnnaaaa

I was at my high school and this one girl who used to be my friend asked me why I don’t wanna talk to her and I told her it was because I don’t like her. When I told her that one of the councilors walked by for some reason when she heard me say that she got heated for no reason and said to meet her in her office. So I went to drop of my book bag in vancuras room (my book bag had a pitcher full of water in it) idk why. Once I get to her office I started arguing saying how I did nothing wrong then this lady tells me I have to dance (be on the cultural dance team thing) for our school. I was not having it. I ran out of her office screaming and I told another councilor and this lady was all like that’s wrong you can’t do that and the other councilor got fired. Now for some reason I’m at my old elementary school and it’s Easter or something we are hunting for chocolate, and that’s all I remember.