Date: 2/2/2017

By BrosephBroland

we were at some wake or something and i felt like jakob had something to do with it but im not sure when it was over i distinctly remember walking in front of preston while it was raining and then went the ally behind the condos there it was raining really hard but i remember thinking that i needed to appreciate my moments in life then people get out of a car and run after me i realize its cole a life long friend from highschool. he's shooting me with a palindrome and i get shot in the back and the leg i get on my back cole has ran out of ammo but he's so emotional like i betrayed him but its weird cause i remember feeling bad as if i knew what i had done then i say just kill me and behind cole was a grey alien exactly how people describe them from roswell. the alien pulls his gun up and for a second i see cole recognise that he's about to shoot me and says no but the alien pulls the trigger and i wake up.