Musical Pets.... and time travel

Date: 8/16/2019

By evp722

This was either a school project or contest, but somehow I was assigned to get a pet that could play an instrument and have it perform on stage. Yeah. I think my class from my old school was assigned this too. I immediately thought “Yes! My dog (named Charlie) will play the trombone!” The TROMBONE. Everyone else seemingly chose their pets and their instruments as well, so we all waited for the performance/concert (which I think was happening later that day...time isn’t really measured well in dreamworld). Well everything was fine until I realized... “ dog CAN’T play the trombone!” I panicked, and somehow asked this random kid (who I was an acquaintance with in middle school) if she could play the recorder with me onstage because maybe I thought 2 people playing instruments was the equivalent of one animal? Idk. I brought this idea to my teacher that randomly appeared and she said “nope. I wouldn’t do that. It HAS to be an animal.” So I thought “well shit. I now have NO CHOICE but to put my dog onstage next to a trombone and hope that he does something besides bark.” And then.... my dream skipped to my...8th grade graduation? Yep, thankfully my dream prayers were answered so I didn’t have to watch my dog miserably fail at the trombone. I was super confused about this sudden time jump, even as my dream self. But there was a catch, of course. Everyone else was in beautiful white dresses (graduation attire) while I was the only one still in my school uniform (which I was gonna wear to the pet concert). I had to get up onstage anyway, in front of everyone, graduating in my uniform (which by the way were SWEATPANTS and a POLO SHIRT). So.... dream prayers were not answered. Time travel can’t fix everything. The last thing I remember was standing up on stage, humiliated.