Cat without pants

Date: 2/1/2017

By sreesha

So, my dream starts with me in a green t shirt jumping out of my balcony...and I land safely on my I'm some cat..and then I'm running to go somewhere..feels like I'm late and halfway I realise everyone's staring at me and that's cuz I'm not wearing any pants and my t shirt barely covers my butt. Anyway even though I'm conscious I decide to make do with it cuz I'm already late..Finally I reach my destination and its some sort of a school, and I see my father there..teaching other students some kind of martial arts..I'm uncomfortable trying to do the same since I have no pants on..and suddenly I can't stand straight on my feet and I'm falling all over the place. I need water and for some reason I don't wanna ask anyone and try to drink from some old pot which looks really bad..Then there's another master who tells me that there's a kitchen and I can go get water there. I go there and I can't find any glass and to my surprise all bottles are kept upside down on the counter with no lids on. I somehow manage to have some water and when I turn around I see my parents...They had apparently been out to get something and had just returned. That's when I woke up.