Date: 1/25/2019

By solarplexus7

I actually had this dream a long time ago but I remember it so vividly & just got this app so I thought it could be the first one I share. So for some strange reason my old highschool had a adoption center for a day & and had all these kids who needed guardians. There was one kid that was about 4 years old and he just kind of stuck to me immediately, I didn’t really ask for him but I was gonna turn him away. So he has a phone and from the moment I saw him all he did was play games on it.He asked to go to the bathroom and I take him, & even though he’s small he makes it known that he can do everything by himself so he shuts the stall door & I wait for him. He finishes and flushes the toilet and when he opens the stall door he looks about 5 years older. So at the point I’m freaked out and try to run out the bathroom but out of nowhere there’s a chain on my foot & i can’t get out . So I’m screaming and banging on the door in hopes that someone would let me out. It really pissed me off because I could hear people from the other side talking and laughing while I’m in there begging to be let out. I have no idea what that dream was supposed to mean but til this day it haunts me 😥