Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

It was a short dream really. Me, my mom and my dad were in a store that reminded me of, like, the back shelf / wall of a thrift store or something. We were looking at yarn, and my mom had this big bag she was carrying around with her, so every time I said I liked a color of yarn she would grab maybe three rolls of it and shove them into her bag. I remember specifically a roll of light blue-green that I liked. I don't know if she was actually going to steal the yarn, or if her bag was a shopping bag... the dream flashed to another part before we left the store. I can't remember the second half. -_- Just remembered the second half. I had checked into some hotel room and I was looking for my room number (43-something) and I saw people I knew from school in the hall past the elevator and we waved at each other. I walked further down the hall trying to find my room when I came to a big room with a large cylindrical pillar in the center. There were beds around the pillar and around the edge of the room. The room was round too. Each bed had a number on its and I find mine next to the pillar. My bed had my moms bags and things on it and inside the pillar was a shower room and I heard someone taking a shower. I assumed it was her. I just remember thinking that this was how college is going to be since we all had to share that shower room with each other.