old home

Date: 8/16/2017

By celestialbodied

I had a dream I found a skull-shaped puzzle box on a night stand in my parents' room. i was able to solve it instantly somehow, and it opened up to play music. after, some pieces of paper sticking out of the drawer mysteriously pushed themselves out slowly. there were several, but a couple went back in so I was only allowed 4. they were all tickets to some sort of Halloween event. my mom came in and I was like "so I got a package in the mail, huh?" referring to the puzzle box & tickets. she laughed awkwardly like she meant to hide them from me, and I had put them down & suddenly couldn't find them all. at some other point in the dream, before this, my dad & I were driving somewhere. we came across an extremely familiar house that in my waking life I've never been to but my dream self recalls spending many childhood days in. it was my paternal grandma's house, but for some reason my maternal grandma lived there now. she had several cats and a dog, and I only say a dog because one of the cats (which looked like a very old version of my real life cat) turned into a dog after I pet it. at some other point, I remember sitting in the kitchen of my own home in the place where we can keep our water, while my sister was upset about something our mom said a moment ago before leaving the room. then my sister cried out and pointed to the wall behind me, saying there was some kind of bug, and I jumped up trying to avoid it. it was gone and I assumed it was on me, so I tried to shake it off but it had vanished.