Awkward "Sex" in a movie for multiple reasons

Date: 8/21/2019

By pinkstar16121

I was in this movie and in it my character became attracted to her brother, and they were talking about having some weird sex that wasn't even sex that involved her sticking strands of her hair inside his nose??? It wasn't even me though, it was Chrissy Metz and some other guy that I don't know who he was. She wore a purple wig. Eventually I had a talk with the guy and strangely I was in my high school French classroom. I said to him "what's up with what they're having our characters do? It's messed up, isn't it?" He agreed. Then I admitted to him that I did not want to have sex with him and he just left the room, and I was left in there with these women. There was a small container of hummus that was more like the consistency of honey mustard, but it was hummus. I also remember I had these gloves and I was trying to carry the gloves and the hummus, and I was talking to a woman as I was trying to leave with the stuff. I was aware as I was talking that one of my gloves got dipped into the hummus, and she eventually pointed out, questioning why I had the glove in the hummus and I said "oh I don't even want this." And she offered to take it, so I gave it to her.