Bike delivery shooting

Date: 6/29/2017

By vhpina

I was working a bike delivery gig and I was making a delivery to a house next to a parking garage at night. I had left my bike Under The Canopy of the parking garage unlocked. as soon as I turned back to go back to my bike I saw someone taking it and I started to run after them. I felt in control and kept increasing my speed until I caught up to them when they got to their car. they threw my bike around to the other side of the car and as soon as I started to go around to get it they pulled out a gun and started shooting at me. I dodged the first two or three bullets and managed to hide behind the car. I grabbed the D Lock that was hanging on my bike and ran after the guy to use it as a weapon. after dodging his bullets it was a one-on-one fight with his wrench vs my D Lock. I I had lost my self-control and was brutally beating him in the face with my D Lock yet he managed to keep on going. his accomplice a woman his girlfriend I assumed also came at me with a wrench which I managed to build the courage to finally use my body how I knew I could and I blocked her blows with my hands grabbing the wrench out of her hands. I think I killed both of them.