Date: 3/20/2017

By mysticmusic94

Not sure if this should be labeled adult or not but all well... So i dreamt that I had my period and my family was going to a cook out thing where we could swim. We got there and everyone was grilling and then I realized that I didn't have tampons and i got really upset because I couldn't go swimming. Also mom told me we would only be there from 10 am to 1 pm (weird hours for a cookout) so I had to find one fast. I walked into this bathroom that was connected to this house and started rummaging through drawers. I found the weirdest things like nintendo ds games and stuff. I got excited and started taking the games but still no tampons and i even asked my mom for one and she didn't have one. I then decided to try a ds pen? Hahaha and it didn't work. I was really disappointed then realized that in a room of a house was a guy and my mom... she found a new boyfriend... no surprise... and I got really upset and angry then the dream ended.